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Wintana Kiros, RDN LDN

I'm a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with years of experience as a clinical dietitian at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and at long-term care and rehabilitation facilities across Maryland. I enjoy promoting health and wellness as a radio guest on Johns Hopkins Urban Health Radio Program, and as a volunteer at local health fairs. In addition, I love incorporating my experience in modeling by styling and updating clients' wardrobes to help them be their best.

"Wintana, of Reset, creates a beautiful blend of academic knowledge, with real life fashion experience to assist women seeking to create overall lifestyle change. With her help and commitment, I lost 25+ pounds, learned fashion strategies, and learned to feel more confident in the woman that God designed me to be."

Diayle D.
Counselor, Teacher

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"Wintana is an artist. She transformed my outdated, disorganized closet into a work of art. We spent the day going through every article of clothing and she was able to put so many clothing combinations together and accessorized them to perfection. We even went shopping for key pieces and were able to purchase these while staying on budget. It was one of the most fun days I have ever had shopping and spending time with such an inspiring woman. She really brought my style in and out of the work to the next level."

Alice K.

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